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The Best Attractions on Medano Beach – and Their Cost

September 22, 2018 | By: Jeff Schmidt

Located roughly 40 minutes from the Los Cabos International airport, Playa El Médano, or Medano Beach, is the most popular tourist beach in Cabo San Lucas. Medano Beach is walking distance from downtown and the marina, and visitors have access to water activities, bars, restaurants, shopping, and great views along this mile-long stretch of shoreline.

But how much does it cost to enjoy the attractions on Medano Beach? Here are the estimated prices for water activities, restaurants, massages, and more on Medano Beach.

Water Activities

Wondering how much it will cost to enjoy water activities on Medano Beach? There is no hard cost because everything is up for negotiation. Be sure to settle on a price before agreeing to any activities.

  • Parasailing: $40 and up
  • SUP (stand-up Paddleboard): $20 per hour
  • Banana boat: $15 per person and up
  • Snorkeling tours: $30 and up
  • Scuba tour: $100 and up
  • Panga (glass bottom) boat tour to Lover’s and Divorce beach and the Arch: $12 per person and up
  • Jet skis: $50 and hour and up
  • Water jet pack or Flyboard: $100 per hour and up

You can find various other water activities on Medano Beach and the marina, including the Tarzan boat (with trampolines into the water and water slides), yacht tours, booze cruises, and fishing tours.

Beach Bars and Restaurants

There are at least 10 different bars and restaurants on Medano Beach. While relaxing at your beachfront table or lounger, you can gaze at the ocean and cruise ships or people watch for hours. You can order everything from your standard tacos and nachos, to upscale sushi and tapas dishes.

Make sure to take a look at the menu to gauge pricing before settling on a place. The majority of the restaurants offer valet parking for free with tip.

Here are some of the most popular bars and restaurants, with dollar symbols indicating the price range:

  • Milky Way: $
  • Billygan’s: $$
  • Sand Bar: $$
  • Tabasco: $$
  • Baja Brewing (Cabo Villas): $$$
  • Mango Deck: $$$
  • The Office: $$$
  • Cachet (Cabo Villas): $$$
  • Sur: $$$$

Shopping and Vendors

You can get some shopping done while sitting in your beach chair, as there are plenty of vendors selling various items on Medano Beach. You may need some new sunglasses or a hat for some extra shade. Or, you may be feeling hungry for some fresh local fruit or shrimp on a stick.

Some of items you can expect to see for sale with the vendors, along with dollar symbols indicating the price range include:

  • Fresh fruit: $
  • Sunglasses: $
  • Miscellaneous toys for children: $
  • Hats: $$
  • Blankets/hammocks: $$
  • Straw bags: $$
  • Small wooden carved statues: $$$
  • Ceramic pottery items: $$$$

If buying from a vendor is not your style, there are also some souvenir shops that carry little trinkets, as well as soda, water, and convenience items.


There are also massage tents and vendors that will come to your beach chair to offer massage services. Massages in the tents typically start at about $40 per hour, while chairside massages could go for about $10 for 10 minutes.

Of course, the least expensive way to enjoy Medano Beach is by bringing a beach chair and a cooler with cold beverages. While sitting with your feet in the sand, you’ll be able to relax and watch the activity around you. Whatever you enjoy, you will have a memorable day at the most popular beach in Los Cabos.


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