Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

Property Management in Cabo San Lucas

Jeff Schmidt has helped hundreds of clients purchase real estate in Cabo San Lucas. He will work with you every step of the way, answering any questions as they arise and offering his insight whenever it’s helpful. Having lived in Cabo San Lucas since 2013, his knowledge and experience of the area is invaluable to buyers and investors.

Jeff knows that maintaining and managing a property can be challenging, which is why he also assists buyers with their property management needs. Whether you’re purchasing a residence or a vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas, Jeff will guide you through the process and connect you with the resources you need. He’ll make sure that all services are tailored and scaled to your property.

Services and Amenities

Setting up various amenities can turn a beautiful Cabo San Lucas property into a real luxury getaway. Yet it can be daunting knowing where to start. Jeff helps property owners arrange professional cleaning services, butler and maid service, and even concierge service at properties. Both property owners and visitors are well looked after. Laundry service and grocery shopping and delivery are also available and worth considering to help save time while exploring what Cabo San Lucas has to offer. Jeff can even help with services related to transportation, such as car or shuttle service to and from the airport.

Paying Bills

There’s so much to do in Cabo San Lucas that people often overlook day-to-day bills and taxes. These simple property management services are crucial for your unit to run properly and to avoid headaches in the future. Jeff can help with the fideicomiso (bankers trust) and property taxes given his knowledge of the area and his experiences living here. He can also help set up water, gas, electricity, and the internet at properties. There’s an initial fee for setting up these utilities and a flat fee for monthly or annual bills. The goal is to make this process simple as possible and save you time.

Vacation Rentals

Buying a vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas is an excellent investment opportunity, but just having a desirable property is not enough. People have to know about it and want to stay there. Jeff can help market your unit to others. This includes unit listings accompanied by enticing professional photos. In addition to building interest in your property, he can help ensure that check-ins and check-outs go smoothly, and that the unit is thoroughly cleaned for the next occupant. Between stays, regular maintenance will ensure you continue seeing a return on your investment.


Whether you’ve purchased a private residence or a vacation rental, it can take work to really make the property your own. Sometimes properties need additional work to remain habitable or to evolve with the times. Jeff can manage property renovations of all types, and help make the process problem-free. For simple maintenance and repairs, Jeff can offer insight into local weather and structural concerns. His expertise is particularly useful for major rehabilitations of a property. Jeff will work with you so you can get a full, nuanced, realistic picture of the planned refurbishment.


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