Cabo Real Estate Agent Jeff SchmidtI’m on a mission to take the fear out of home buying in Mexico. I’m Jeff Schmidt, and I’m a licensed realtor in Los Cabos. I work with Americans, Canadians and Mexican nationals, helping purchasers and sellers through every stage of the transaction process. As a realtor who has personally been through the home buying process in Cabo, I strive to make my clients’ experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Jeff Schmidt’s Education

I was born and raised in Blaine, MN, which is about 15 miles north of Minneapolis. In high school, I was involved in athletics, including track and field and basketball. After high school, I accepted a track and field scholarship from the University of St. Thomas. I attended UST for two years, and competed in long jump, high jump, and triple jump track and field events. I then transferred to St. Cloud St., where I maintained my track and field scholarship, completed my undergraduate studies, and earned my degree in health education. After graduating from college, I moved to San Diego and then to Los Angeles, working in the education field. I then decided to further my education, and earned my interdisciplinary master’s degree in health sciences and education at UNLV.

Jeff Schmidt’s Work Experience

During the five years that I spent in Las Vegas, I started doing home loans and real estate. I became a licensed real estate agent in three states: California, Nevada, and Minnesota. After about five years in Vegas, the market slowed, and I decided to return to teaching. I spent the next five years teaching and coaching in California.

Moving to Cabo

I have been living and selling real estate in Cabo San Lucas for the past eight years. After I got married, my wife and I began to seriously discuss the idea of moving to Cabo. In 2013, my wife and I sold our home in the Bay Area, purchased a home in Cabo, made the drive down the Baja peninsula, and moved to Cabo full-time. I also got back into real estate.

As a real estate agent, I want to educate my clients about the home buying process. I will be upfront with you regarding the HOA fees, closing costs, and other expenses that go into buying a home so there are no surprises down the road. I can answer any questions and concerns that you may have regarding fideicomisos, property taxes, trusts, or any other aspect of the purchasing deal.

I also understand how the lack of trusted information and slow pace of life in Mexico can be frustrating home buyers. While I can’t control every step of the buying process, I will be available to you at all times. When it comes to answering your questions, submitting offers, or getting back to you with accepted or counter offers, you can and should expect a timely response.

I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the Los Cabos area. Contact me, Jeff Schmidt, today to ask me any questions about Los Cabos real estate, or to schedule a time to look at a home or condo.